Video about people being mean


2 week ab progression

How to get your hair to grow super fast




aquarius - chill 

pisces - get out the bath before u shrivel up 

aries - stop shoplifting 

taurus - stop sleeping n do something 4 once 

gemini - 2 faced bitch 

cancer - why r u always crying 

leo - stop setting things on fire

virgo - don’t eat that

libra - shut up

scorpio - moody bitch 

sagittarius - calm down

capricorn - why u always flirting with everyone 

Video about health tips, diet, workout routine, and issues ive had with my body


How to get really clear skin and long hair

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how i met alfredo…

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Hi from fredo

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so drake bell called me… heres how and the message he left

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Justin rant.. sorry for some tears

Not going to defend any of his dumb behavior but all I can say is that even after today, Justin is still my idol. Over the past five years I have been able to be in his presence more times than I am really willing to admit 😁. All I can say is I have seen his true kindness that is easily forgotten because of the things he does. Love.

So I saw the Believe movie!